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Beverage Standards Association Level 2 Award

Professional Barista Skills.

Are you ready to kick your coffee making skills in to top gear with our internationally recognized, UK accredited Level 2 Award in Professional Barista Skills course that is designed for barista elitists?

You will be trained to use an espresso coffee machine, coffee grinder and a range of other equipment providing you with the skills required to prepare these drinks to a high standard.

Advanced Barista

British Coffee School Certificate

Latte Art Pro Skills.

Our Latte Art Pro Skills course serves to teach you the art of texturing perfect silky milk consistently and to make your coffee look visually appealing. Make your coffee memorable and put a smile on the person drinking that coffee made by you! The world needs more of you and your Barista skills!

Serving latte art in your coffee business will most certainly impress your customers. It kind of leaves an impression and shows that you care about what kind of coffee you are serving.


Coffee Shop Business Education.

Most people who start a coffee shop have no experience with working in a coffee shop which is totally fine and this is when our course will seriously help you and is in our eyes essential.

Our course will help you with the set up of your coffee shop and will provide you with the fundamentals that you need. No need to make the many mistakes that many other people already made.

Give yourself the best chance to succeed and prepare yourself for what is coming.


Specialist Courses

Roasting. Brewing. Cupping.

Going on a specialist route, our course not only focuses on the skills required to roast coffee, but encourages creative thinking to develop your own signature taste and soon your own brand of roasted coffee.

We will also teach you how to analyse your grind profile and how to match your grind to your brewing method to deliver the best cup possible, while exploring, in depth brew methods: Aeropress/ V60/ Chemex/ Clever Dripper.

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To me, the smell of fresh-made coffee is one of the greatest inventions.

Hugh Jackman