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Latte Art Pro Skills

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Who is this course for?

This course is IDEAL FOR BARISTAS!

This course is very popular and in high demand because learning how to steam milk perfectly is extremely important to baristas. Most of the coffees that are served in commercial Café’s  are milk based. When one can perfectly texture milk consistently he/she always has happy and satisfied customers.

Joining a latte art course will help you to understand milk steaming better and you will become a better barista for sure!

British Coffee School Latte Art Pro Skills

Latte Art Pro Skills.

Our Latte Art workshop serves to teach you the art of texturing perfect silky milk consistently and to make your coffee look visually appealing. Make your coffee memorable and put a smile on the person drinking that coffee made by you! The world needs more of you and your Barista skills!

What does this qualification cover?

So how do you master Latte Art skills? Let’s take a look at the course designed for you to bring your a-game on with Latte Art!

  • The art of steaming milk to perfection
  • How to stretch and roll milk to achieve the perfect smooth glossy micro foam with no air bubbles
  • How to maintain consistent milk temperature
  • Get a better understanding of the different styles of milk jugs and which ones work best for certain creations
  • Learn how to split milk to achieve the correct foam ratio for pouring
  • Learn free pour and etching techniques
  • Get detailed instruction behind the techniques necessary to create three patterns
  • How to develop consistency in each pour to create
    • Heart
    • Ringed Heart
    • Slowzetta aka Organic Flower
    • Tulip
    • Bear and many more

Because the class sizes are kept small there will be plenty of time for you to practice Latte Art skills hands-on so you can showcase your creations straight away.


  • Professional Barista Course

This course is technically challenging and builds on the technical knowledge gained during the Professional Barista Course. You need to have a good understanding and practical experience in texturing milk and pulling a great espresso shot before commencing this course.

If you are unsure whether you are ready to take this course, please get in touch with our Student service department using the details on the contact us page and we will help you decide if the course is right for you.

What can I do after the course?

You need a skill and the right certificate to prove to café owners that you have been trained by properly accredited trainers. You get both of these with our courses.

With proper training and recognition this qualification will assist you for getting employed within the catering and hospitality industry.

How will I be assessed?

  • Observation
  • Knowledge questions
  • Practical exam